What is a Ranger

What is a Ranger

     What is a Ranger?      


Please take a minute and watch this video and you will have a better understanding what it is that makes up a Ranger. As one of the most elite soldiers of the US Army, Rangers are called upon to complete the toughest missions. Below is a short list of some of the most recent US Army Ranger accomplishments. 

  • 1993 - The Battle of Mogadishu (also referred to as The Battle of the Black Sea, or as the Somalis called it, The Day of the Rangers.) This battle was made into the movie, Blackhawk Down in 2001. 
  • 2001 - War on Terror - The US began the War on Terror in October 2001 by sending in the Rangers along with the CIA as the first US Forces on Afghan soil during Operation Enduring Freedom. They were successful in overthrowing the Taliban Gov't. 
  • 2003 - US invades Iraq and it was the Rangers that were sent in to face Iraq's elite Republican Guard. One of their notable achievements in Iraq is the rescue of American prisoner of war (POW) PFC Jessica Lynch. 

Please enjoy these 3 minutes .... 

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Rangers Lead The Way!!

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