Over the past 8 years, it never fails that I hear this at least two or three times, “I’m going to put my house on the market after the holidays. ” While most people think this is the most logical thing to do, I’m here to provide a different view point for you so maybe you can see things the way they really are and maybe …. just maybe, see that Nov. and Dec. are great times to sell a home.

As everyone knows, the real estate market (along with any other type of market) is driven by Supply and Demand. Generally speaking, when Supply goes down, Demand goes up. You may be thinking, “Well, in the Spring and Summer market, there are more buyers out there. ” And I’ll be the first to tell you that you are correct, there will always be more buyers out there in the Spring and Summer. But to offset that increase of buyers, we also have a huge increase of people trying to sale their home. I can assure you that during Nov. and Dec., the seller supply drops more than the buyer demand so this is going to create an advantage for the home seller. Not only will they get a slight advantage in the marketplace, they will also get a couple more perks.

Get this …. One perk to selling your home in Nov. and Dec. is LESS showings! Sounds odd don’t it? The fact of the matter is that in this time of year, you won’t find the “tire kickers” out there. You will only see the folks that are serious about buying a home, and buying it now! So you can feel confident that when someone shows your home, it’s someone that is about to buy a home and not someone that is just thinking about moving. This is sure to make life easier for you and your family when trying to sell your home!

Another perk is going to be the visibility of your home to the buyers that are looking. In the Spring and Summer markets, your home will be competing with all the other folks that are trying to sell their home. So yours could easily get lost in the shuffle while folks are looking at homes online.  During Nov. and Dec., you are competing with fewer homes and therefore, your home can stand out better because the crowd isn’t as big.

I have provided a chart below using generic numbers just so you could have a visual on what I’m talking about. Here, I’m saying that both Supply and Demand go down by about 50% in the Holiday months and in our market, we have more Demand than we do Supply. As you will see, in our market you will have the same scenario when selling if it’s done now vs. doing it in the Spring market. The difference being, life is easier for you if done now instead of waiting and opening your doors to the “tire kickers” that will be out there.